Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot Review

The Allessi Pulcina Moka pot is a beautifully designed coffee-making tool that combines elegant form with exceptional function. It is probably the best Moka pot on the market.

Developed by the renowned Italian design house Alessi, the Pulcina is an updated version of the classic Moka pot, which has been a staple in Italian households since its invention in 1933.

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The Pulcina is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also highly functional, making it a great choice for coffee lovers who want a great cup of strong coffee without the hassle of expensive and complicated machines.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of the Allessi Pulcina Moka pot and provide a comprehensive review of its performance, ease of use, and overall value. Whether you are a coffee aficionado or simply looking for a stylish and functional addition to your kitchen, the Allessi Pulcina Moka pot is definitely worth considering.

There is quite a bit of discussion around the Alessi Pulcina Moka pot, and the discussions range from the aesthetic to function and coffee taste.

While aesthetically there is nothing I can say to change your opinion, you either love it or not, let me make up your mind about function and taste.

This is the best moka pot I have ever used, and I used quite a few. From the silence during brewing, to the fantastic coffee it brews, it is my favorite.

Alessi Pulcina moka pot pouring coffee

A Bit of History of the Alessi Pulcina Stove-Top Espresso Maker

The traditional moka pot, the  invented by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti, is the most popular and among the most affordable options. We are all familiar with the octagonal shape of the traditional espresso maker. Alessi wanted to break the octagonal shape pattern, for a modern look, but also improve the organoleptic properties of the home made espresso for a great coffee experience.

The Alessi brand is a third-generation family business that specializes in redesigning everyday housewares, including coffee gear. Bialetti is the grandfather of Alberto Alessi, so it only felt natural to take the Moka pot and try to make it better. While the Bialetti brand has perfected the functionality of the Moka pot, the Alessi brand has perfected its design to make the experience of coffee brewing more enjoyable.

The ribbed design is the creation of Michele De Lucchi, the famous Italian designer, who was commissioned by Alessi for the project.

De Lucchi worked with Illy for 15 years to develop the stove top espresso maker, and the results are just great. Alessi described the Pulcina as “revolutionary” and they promised a “substantial design innovation”. They delivered on that promise and this reflects the best in the taste of the coffee, which is the best Moka pot coffee you have ever brewed.

“The name Pulcina refers to the shape of its interior, the part on the inside that’s hidden from view,” said De Lucchi when Pulcina was launched. “It’s plump, bulbous, has a stepped silhouette and a red handle. Not surprisingly, the spout recalls a beak.”

The unique coffee maker was certainly one of the best collaborations between two major Italian brands, Alessi and Illy.

The Alessi Pulcina review

Alessi Pulcina is a big step up from the traditional stovetop espresso coffee maker, that not only redefines the aesthetics of the nifty coffee maker, but also enhance the taste of your home made coffee cup.

The Allessi Pulcina is a beautifully designed coffee maker that combines both form and function. This stovetop espresso maker is a modern take on the traditional Italian stovetop coffee maker, and it is a great choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for a stylish and high-performance espresso maker.

One of the key features of the Allessi Pulcina Moka pot is its unique design. The pot is made from high-quality aluminum and features a unique heat-sensitive handle that changes color to indicate when the coffee is ready. This not only adds a touch of elegance to the design, but it also makes it easy to know when your coffee is ready to be served.

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Another great feature of the Allessi Pulcina moka pot is its ability to brew coffee faster than other coffee makers. The unique shape of the pot and the specially designed funnel ensure the water and coffee grounds are perfectly mixed for optimal extraction. This results in a full-bodied, strong coffee, that will please even the most discerning espresso lovers.

The magnetic steel bottom makes it perfect for use on an induction stovetop, if you own one of those. But as I write in another article, using a gas stove is the best. For an electric stove, you might need a heat diffuser.

This unit is also easy to use and clean. The pot is dishwasher safe, and the funnel and filter can be easily removed for cleaning. This makes it a great option for those who are always on the go and don’t have a lot of time for cleaning.

The Pulcina comes in 3 sizes:

  • a small version that brews one cup at a time. This is perfect for brewing smaller quantities, students will find this perfect for their needs.
  • The medium version ca brew 3 cups of coffee at once, and this is the perfect version for a small family of two.
  • The large version can make up to 6 cups of coffee at a time, this the ideal size for those who drink a lot of coffee at once, and for larger families.

A Word On Brewing with Pulcina

The Pulcina has a few design improvements, compared to the rest of the Moka pots on the market, but the most important one is the internal shape of the heater. This, along with other improvements, were the result of the collaboration between Alessi and Illy.

The shape of the heater is optimized in a way that stops filtering coffee just before the eruption phase. The eruption phase is the moment when coffee starts to sputter, and it is the phase when stovetop coffee makers introduce bitterness in your coffee.

By eliminating this phase, Alessi improved the coffee made with Pulcina immensely. With a normal Moka pot, you would have to time the eruption phase, and take the pot of the heat just before that. With Alessi, you just take it off the stove when it stops brewing.

I have to warn you though, you can’t let it on the stove too long, because coffee will eventually get burnt. The special design gives you a few seconds, but that is more than enough to avoid burnt coffee and bitter aftertaste.

Final Words

The Allessi Pulcina stovetop espresso maker is a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and high-performance stove top coffee maker. It is extremely well-designed, easy to use, and produces a delicious cup of coffee that is sure to please. If you’re looking for a coffee maker that will make your mornings a little bit brighter, the Allessi Pulcina Moka pot is definitely worth considering.

I know that many will question if it’s worth the price, but think of this as an investment for a few years. Would you rather drink “average” coffee for the next 5-7 years and save 20 bucks?